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Risk Management System

Date: 06-12-2012

All Branch Managers,

Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia Compliance Office-BSE,

We send herewith a Note dated 10-12-2012 on Risk Management System to protect the Company from the default of any of our clients. The Note is self-explanatory. Please study this note carefully and implement the same with immediate effect.

Please show this to your concerned staff members and on duplicate copy of this letter write names of your concerned staff member and then obtain their signatures against their names.

In case you require any clarification please contact Mr. VIJAY S. KOTADIA

Yours faithfully



1014, Gold Crest Business Centre, L.T.Road, Borivali (west), Mumbai-400 092.

Risk Management System to protect the Company from the default of clients.

(1) This note is for members of the staff dealing with the Clients.

(2) Our Company has authorized Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia to monitor and follow up matters concerning any risk that the Company may carry/face in dealing with any particular client or due to procedural problem.

(3) These guidelines are to be followed by everyone. However if situation demands concerned person has to immediately contact Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia for clarification or for exception to the guideline.

(4) All Concerned are hereby warned to be alert and if any client’s sales/purchases are suddenly on higher side then matter is to be immediately brought to the notice of Mr. Paras S. Kotadia or in his absence Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia.

(5) Apart from what is stated above all dealing staff is required to keep their eyes and ears open and any news /rumor/suspicion about any client –whether attended by him or some body else should be brought to the notice of Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia.

(6) No securities to be released to the Client who has not paid his dues without consulting Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia.

(7) If any clients fail to deliver the securities sold by him/her any payment/security due to him/her will be delivered after taking into account any loss that may arise due to failure of delivering the securities sold.

(8) Any bouncing of the Cheque given by the client will be viewed seriously and after proper/satisfactory explanation any further transaction will be undertaken after consulting Mr. Vijay S. Kotadia.

(9) You will also keep watch on client’s position in other segments if he/she is doing any business in those segments.

(10) Lastly please remember that the Client are most important in business and you must be polite and respectful to all clients. You must extend all help as asked for by the Clients.

M/s Anant Investments Pvt. Ltd.
(Vijay S. Kotadia)